Tuesday, March 30, 2010

it's a slumber party

N as kitty
This past weekend, B and I had our first overnight with our three year-old niece. She is a feisty, rambunctious little girl.

Saturday afternoon we took her to the park, we played Connect Four a million times, watched The Little Mermaid twice, had veggie burgers and mac and cheese for dinner. She played with all of my headbands, wanted to wear the kitty ones and dress up like a cat. She asked me to draw whiskers and a kitty nose and to make her a tail. Then she preened in front of the mirror and asked for pictures. She played with my hair, then took a bath. She requested toys so I gave her my measuring cups. She had a blast popping them out and making them flat again. She filled them with water and lined them up on the edge of the bathtub, knocked them over and then started all over again. She is really into repetition right now. After her bath we got her ready for bed, read her a book and then turned out the lights. I was a little worried that she wasn't going to fall asleep right away or give us trouble or start crying for home, but she conked out right away. It was B and me who couldn't sleep. N's parents practice the family bed so she slept in our bed. We aren't used to having a little person with us so we had a difficult time falling and staying asleep.
N took this!
At six a.m. she popped right up and said I want to watch The Little Mermaid. After trying to coax her into going back to bed, she wasn't having it. So I got up and turned the movie on for her, which we ended up watching twice. I fed her breakfast and she wanted to be a kitty again so we dressed her up. She played around being kitty. Every few minutes she would say, When are we going to the faire? (We had plans to take her to the Renaissance festival.) I kept telling her it's not open yet and she would say, oh, okay. When it was almost nine she decided she was tired of being a kitty and wanted to be a princess. I washed off her nose and whiskers. We got her dressed and I brought out my box of tiaras and let her pick one to wear for the day. At one point she just stopped what she was doing, looked me in the eye and said, I love you, Auntie. So cute!
B and N on pirate boat
Then it was time to wake up Uncle B and get going to the festival. We had a lot of fun. N loved all the rides, but she didn't care to get her hair braided or face painted. She rode the pirate boat, the butterfly ride, the swinging duck, and leonardo's flying machine. We took pictures at the cutout board and let her choose between a fairy wreath or a butterfly wand. She chose the wand. When it was time to go she pulled out all her stalling techniques, but we found the perfect distraction and got out of there without any crying or fussing.
N as princess
We all had a blast, but I will admit that I was a little relieved to be handing her back over to her parents Sunday evening.
She minds us really well, which is awesome and it was a joy to have her, but I am not sure I am cut out for having a little one around all day, every day. The joys of being an Auntie. :)


MWK said...

Whew. Just reading that made me tired! But it sounds like you had a blast.

pastaman said...

what a whirlwind of a weekend! mac&cheese is best morning, noon and night! oh yeah!

jehara said...

MWK-We did and we were too by the time we got home Sunday night. We called it a night earlier than usual and crashed!

PM-It is quite delicious. ;)

Nessa said...

Small children can wear you out very easily. It's good to give them back.

jehara said...

nessa-so true! ;)