Friday, February 10, 2012

January Snapshot (a little late)

Photo of me: funny picture of me chopping butternut squash


January didn't provide too many highlights. I spent most of the month working too much as mandated by my job. I spent a good chunk of the time being a tired, cranky mess. But there are some good things to remember:

-Resuming the habit of big Sunday cooks where B and I made tons of awesome food that had us feel like we were living large and feeling great.

-Discovering NPR. I know. I am probably the last person to realize how great NPR is but I don't ever listen to radio. However, I am now aware and have been listening from my computer every morning since until lunchtime.

-Making good use of my afternoons listening to audio interviews from World's Biggest Summit. Getting some really awesome information while working on boring assignments? A big plus. Also, it makes me feel like I am taking full advantage of my time.

-2012 reading has gotten off to a great start. I have thoroughly loved almost everything I've read this month!

What I'd like to remember:
The universe wants you to win!

Taking the time to really listen to my heart yields wonderful, breath-taking surprises.

What I am currently reading: Marie Antoinette: The Journey by Antonia Fraser

Favorite books read this month: A Practical Wedding. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

Yummy things I made this month: Chocolate peanut butter pie, veggie-laden quiches for breakfast, homemade cilantro jalapeno hummus, quinoa salad with black beans and cucumbers with a balsamic viniagrette made from scratch.

Something I am grateful for: Deeply connecting with friends, the cold(ish) weather, evenings snuggled with my B, eating yummy salads and indulging in tube time with our favorite shows.

What I am looking forward to in February: APW Book Tour Stop in L.A.!!!!!!!!